Professional Overview

My name is David Messenger and I live in South West London.

I am a passionate technologist and spend an exorbitant amount of time really understanding how technology works. My speciality is networking, however, I have a huge amount of experience working across a broad range of enterprise technologies. I’m constantly striving to learn new methods, approaches and technologies to conquer business and personal demands.

I started my IT career supporting Microsoft technologies however I’ve moved progressively into the Information and Network Security areas. I am a subject matter expert on both Cisco networking technologies but also find myself drawn increasingly to open-source operating systems and software. I am continually testing new technologies, especially in the virtualisation, networking and security areas. I have extensive experience with multiple enterprise networking vendors, for example, Palo Alto, Juniper, Vyos, Check Point, Sophos, and Dell. I also have considerable skill in python programming and have utilised the language to gain real-world results simplifying highly complex tasks.

I am accomplished at delivering complex systems for a range of customers and take pride in the quality of my work.